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Data Pond's solutions for FTTH networks enable customers to cost-effectively deploy fibre in the last mile. Through specialized portfolios of innovative products and services, Data Pond encompass network planning, system design and deployment support. By leveraging our extensive knowledge base and experience in access deployment, you will be able to optimize your network architecture — simplifying the installation process to save both time and expense.

What is FTTH?

Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) refers to a broadband telecommunication system based on fiber optic cables and associated optical electronics

Benefits of FTTH

The simplest optical distribution network can be called direct fiber. Each fiber leaving the central office goes to exactly one customer.

Types of Network

Active Optical Network: An active optical system uses electrically powered switching equipment. Such as a router or a switch aggregator,



Datapond is a leading provider of high quality, feature-rich broadband services for businesses.


Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance Technology is becoming need of the hour in recent times.

Digital CATV

DTN(Direct to Network) technology enhances the ability to provide the full TV Channels viewing experience.


We also provide fixed-line voice with feature-rich digital telephony via VoIP. We also offer mobile