Datapond Architecture

Data Pond's solutions for FTTH networks enable customers to cost-effectively deploy fibre in the last mile. Through specialized portfolios of innovative products and services, Data Pond encompass network planning, system design and deployment support. By leveraging our extensive knowledge base and experience in access deployment, you will be able to optimize your network architecture — simplifying the installation process to save both time and expense.


WAN Bandwidth:

Transmission standards utilized in FTTH networks are based on ATM and Ethernet technologies. Carriers are extremely familiar with both technologies, which support a variety of services. Today, most PTP networks use Ethernet technology and are governed under Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 803.2ah standards. PTP networks are simply an extension of legacy Ethernet used in metropolitan and enterprise spaces and extended into the access network. Bandwidth rates are only limited to the transmitter type at the CO/HE and the home.

Multiple Voice/ Video/ Data services.

ONT with Ethernet outlets and all conventional outlets.

Wi-Fi access with security.

FTTH enclosure within your premises.

NOC with fibre aggregation points with active switching.

Fiber for FTTH.

Video IP phone.

IP enables surveillance cameras.

Servers and active infrastructure.