Benefits of FTTH


The simplest optical distribution network can be called direct fiber. Each fiber leaving the central office goes to exactly one customer. Such network can provide excellent bandwidth since each customer gets their own dedicated fiber extending all the way to central office. However, this approach is about 10% more costly due to the amount of fiber and central office machinery. Fiber optics uses light signals to transmit data. As this data moves across a fiber, there needs to be an away to separate it so it gets to the proper destination.

Structured cabling system

Easy to manage wiring system

Moving services from one room to other quickly and without breaking and wiring

No multiple cables entering into the flat

The interiors / painting are not disturbed

Switch from one service provider to another without changing any equipment

Dealing with one centre for all your service provider co ordinations.

To make your home intelligent and future ready, it is essential to ensure fast internet speed reaches every corner of your house. this is essential no matter what the purpose is, be it home automation, video conferencing, live streaming, distance learning etc. And when FTTH becomes available throughout the community, it makes your entire living experience intelligent. Astonishingly fast internet access coupled with delivery of high definition IPTV and voice over IP services are some of the tantalising benefits of the FTTH technology over DSL, data card and broadband connections.